Stewart Park Light Installation

One of the many beautiful and historical locations of Perth is Stewart Park. It was donated to the town of Perth in 1947 by Mrs. Jessie Mabel Stewart who originally designed, constructed and maintained the park in memory of her husband, the honorable John Alexander Stewart who passed away in 1922. 

With such a rich and meaningful history attached to the beautiful park, it is an honour and privilege for Electric Circuit to install a new light project that changes its colours throughout the year and that illuminates the night sky shining into the many towering trees. In careful consideration of safety and of course to prevent any damage to the trees and their roots, Electric Circuit worked in cooperation with the town officials and planners to ensure the work needed would benefit the park and be enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

The intense project required trenches to be dug from the already existing service supplied to Stewart Park. Here, at the base of each selected tree, weatherproof receptacles were installed without any damage to the roots and health of the trees. The service and receptacles provide power for the LED programmable colour changing lights, which were mounted inside a protective container to avoid any seasonal damage and prevent harm to both people and animals.

For optimal energy saving, the team of Electric Circuit wired and programmed the lights into a photocell, scheduled to turn on and shine into the trees at dusk for all to enjoy. In the morning, the lights are then programmed to turn off, ensuring the best in energy savings and prolonging the life of the equipment installed. 

Stewart Park is a staple and beautiful piece of history for the town of Perth. As an open gathering place for the public, it has been a frequent location for weddings, birthdays, festivals, reunions, graduations and more! Electric Circuit knows that this installation will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come by locals and visitors alike.” 

Commercial Project – Perth Brewery


The Perth Brewery Co. has been a local business since 1993, after moving to their current location in Dufferin Square (Hwy 7) in ‘97 they trusted and hired Electric Circuit to complete their largest electrical upgrade to date in 2023.

This recent upgrade may have been the largest, but they have trusted Electric Circuit with many extensive upgrades over the years to increase the quality and speed of production within their business. In January 2023, Electric Circuit increased the Brewery’s 400 amp service to 600 amp. In doing so, the team had to work in close collaboration with not only ESA but also Ontario Hydro One, efficient communication, and a strong work ethic ensured this project was completed on time and within budget.


What made this project so intense?

 Due to the extensive upgrade, Hydro One was required to give official notification to all businesses within Dufferin Square – which currently hosts over ten local businesses to date – that their electrical power would be temporarily unavailable. The team at Electric Circuit ensured that these businesses would not be negatively impacted by coordinating the project to be completed after hours.

 Beginning at 5:00pm and working until 5:00am, Perth Brewery’s upgrade was completed overnight after 12 hours of electrical work and a total of six licensed electricians and apprentices. All of the Brewery’s existing main service wire was required and successfully  replaced from the transformer to the main switch gear in order to be able to maintain the 600 amp service. Though the hands-on electrical work may have been completed, there were still the final steps to ensure power could be returned to the entire Dufferin Square as well as obtaining ESA Final Certification.

 Following completion of the electrical work, a team from Ontario Hydro One was brought in to replace the main transformer. An ESA Inspector then reviewed and approved the work completed for meeting all safety requirements, and giving Ontario Hydro One confirmation that all electrical power could be returned to Dufferin Square in time for them to open for regular business hours. The ESA Inspector then sent an official Certificate of Approval to Electric Circuit within 24 hours of project inspection. 

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