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Our experienced team is available to provide excellence to your electrical needs whether in an existing or new building.

About ESA: Hiring a Licensed Contractor

We specialize in residential, commercial and agriculture electrical – including installation, lighting and electrical safety.

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Hiring a Licensed Contractor

Regardless of what project you may have going, when it comes to electrical work, you want to make sure that the work is done safely and that all the work meets current electrical code.

Electric Circuit is licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority. This means that with each job we do, we have to first receive a permit allowing us to do the work. Once the work is completed, an Electrical Inspector comes and inspects all areas of electrical work and ensures that it is safe and meets all ESA standards. For more information on hiring an electrical contractor, click here. Our experienced team is available to provide excellence to your electrical needs whether in an existing or new building.

We understand that there are countless job types and categories for electrical work. If you are not familiar with terms and types of materials, it can seem daunting. Rest assured, if you need additional help, feel free to send us a message here or contact us via phone or email and we can help you determine the job type and the next steps.

The Process

Working with Electric Circuit


First inquiry

Have a question? Need an upgrade or installation? Found some questionable electrical work during your renovation? Power outlets or lights not working? Start here!


Work Completed

For smaller jobs, such as light changes or small installations, the work can be completed in one trip.

For larger jobs, there is a three-step job completion process; Rough-In, Mid-Work, Final. After the final work is completed, an ESA Inspector is scheduled and a Final Certificate is emailed to you for your records.



We understand that electrical work can add up quickly, we offer free estimates/quotes for any jobs you are looking to have completed.

On-site visit or if appropriate, a quote may be given over the phone.

For larger quotes with more specific requirements, the quote will be developed and emailed directly to you for your approval.



Our invoicing is all done electronically and is emailed directly to you.

Our payment methods are listed on the bottom of each invoice. Though we do not accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards on site, we do accept e-transfers as well as cash or cheque


Job Scheduled

Once the Estimate is approved, the work is scheduled for a time that works for both you and the electricians. There can be a few different methods to which a job can be completed. It all depends on the type of job, when you receive an estimate, we will be able to confirm how long it will take to complete the work.


Best Experience

It’s a modern world and of course the best way to help other members of our community find the best electrical services is to leave your feedback about your experience with us.


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