Interested in working in the Electrical Field? There are many options for this trade. Let’s start from the beginning:


What is an Electrician?

Electricians prepare, assemble, install, test, troubleshoot and repair electrical wiring, fixtures, control devices and related equipment in all types of buildings and other structures. They can be employed by electrical contractors/Master Electricians or they may be self-employed. Electrician duties can include installing and repairing lighting fixtures and equipment, including switches and circuit breakers, connecting power to equipment, heating/cooling systems, troubleshooting electronic systems, replacing faulty components, conducting preventive maintenance, reading and interpreting drawings and blueprints. Electricians need to be able to work indoors and outdoors, independently and with other construction professionals. Electrical work can be physically demanding as well as dangerous, working at heights training and certification is required. Certification as an Electrician is required in all provinces and territories in Canada. A certified Electrician in Ontario will have a Journeyperson Certificate, and will be required to register with Skilled Trades of Ontario and pay an annual renewal fee.


What is an Electrical Apprentice?

Electrician Apprentices learn their trade under a certified electrician. They work along electricians to learn how to use electrical equipment, read blueprints, and work alongside other construction professionals and tradespeople. Electrician apprentices also attended regular classes as part of their training. The electrician apprentice’s responsibilities include completing all tasks assigned by the electrician. Other responsibilities include identifying, analyzing, troubleshooting, and assisting with repairs of electrical work/equipment, interpreting blueprints and schematics, completing electrical installations and carrying out various maintenance duties under supervision of electrician. For more information on becoming an electrical apprentice, click here.


As per ESA code, each apprentice must have a licensed electrician mentor on staff working alongside them in a 1/1 ratio. This ensures safety and optimal electrical work for your projects.


Electrical Safety Authority

Once you have a basic understanding of the difference positions available in the trade, it is best to research the Electrical Safety Authority, here:

This is because all electrical work must be inspected by the ESA and electricians along with the apprentices work very closely with ESA Inspectors. All electrical contractors are required to hold an ESA license and registration with this governing body.

Electrician and Electrician Apprentice Application

Are you a licensed Journeyperson/Electrician? Are you a registered Electrician Apprentice (completed at least one semester of education)? Submit your resume here and we will contact you if there is an opening.

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Cooperative Education

Are you in a secondary education institution and interested in completing your cooperative education with us? Have your cooperative teacher contact us to arrange a meeting for enrollment with our company.

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